MBC’s Spotlight Charity for October

At MBC we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities by helping individuals, families and organizations that make a huge impact in the lives of many throughout Michigan. One of the ways we raise money is with Friday Casual Days. Every month MBC employees have the opportunity to pay monies for the privilege of wearing blue jeans or other casual attire on Fridays.

The spotlight charity for the month is Shades of Pink.


Shades of Pink Foundation (SOPF) was founded in 2005 as a result of a conversation among a breast cancer surgeon, a friend, and a patient. The combination of treatment-related costs and daily living expenses were causing tremendous financial stress for the patient and her family.  The physical and emotional toll of breast cancer is well known.  The financial impact of the diagnosis is not.  The patient feared losing her home because of the financial burden. That conversation resulted in a plan that created Shades of Pink Foundation.  The ‘Walk at the Zoo’ annual walk has been the cornerstone to bring awareness of SOPF and to solicit donors and sponsorships. It continues as SOPF’s signature event drawing more than 1,000 supporters, survivors, families, friends, and caregivers to the zoo for an emotional, fun, and memorable experience.

In 2021, we expanded our event schedule to include two golf outings. Pars Fore Pink, which is held at a local, top name course each year and Nine, Wine, and Dine, a ladies only golf outing. Both events were sold out each year.

In 2021, the Board elected a new President, two Vice Presidents, and Treasurer and implemented an ambitious strategic plan.  In 2022, four new board members were elected and an advisory board was established. That same year, the board added 5 new Committees to its standing committees: a Client and Social Worker Outreach, Marketing, Events, IT, and Development. Through continuous best practices, strong fundraising efforts, active board participation, and sponsorship support, SOPF has provided financial assistance covering the everyday living expenses of individuals undergoing treatment breast cancer treatment for 17 years.


Many patients diagnosed with breast cancer have extra financial burdens placed on them during treatment and recovery. Common issues are mortgage/rent, insurance payments, transportation costs, childcare, and other essentials of daily life.

Our mission is to reduce financial stress for those undergoing breast cancer treatment in Southeast Michigan by providing prompt funding for daily living expenses.


Since 2005, SOPF has helped more than 1,000 individuals diagnosed with breast cancer in Southeast Michigan. Originally we covered only the tri-county area, but over time we expanded to include nine counties in Southeast Michigan. We have provided over $2.3 million of financial support to help cover the costs of everyday living expenses. By paying bills directly, we help relieve patients of that burden, and give them the peace of mind necessary to move forward with their treatment and recovery.