About Michigan Business Connection

As a lender working with Michigan Business Connection (MBC) you become part of a close peer group of like-minded financial institutions while expanding your lending capability and portfolio diversity. Your network of partners helps you do larger loans than you could do on your own and have frequent loan participation purchase opportunities to enhance your lending results. 

We Help Michigan Lenders Succeed

It takes a lot of resources to manage the entire process of serving borrowers, maintaining the technology, underwriting, and servicing a loan through its lifetime. At MBC, we help financial institutions throughout Michigan do this work and maintain compliance with constantly evolving rules and regulations. Our goal? Energize and enable our lenders s to achieve the highest quality commercial lending success.  Financial institutions choose MBC to handle loan billing and payment process with their borrowers and provide ongoing portfolio oversight and service.

Our Results

Why offer commercial loan solutions to your members and clients? Why partner with Michigan Business Connection for commercial solutions?

2-3% higher yield from commercial loans

MBC managed portfolio of over $1 Billion

Michigan CU commercial loans up 23% last year (while bank commercial loans down 20%)

Exceptional credit quality results

Meet Our Team

We are real people, just like you.


We take our work seriously, but like to have a lot of fun together too. Check out our Facebook page for our lighter side or LinkedIn for some of our professional activities.

or call us at 1 (866) 642-4287