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Commercial Lending CUSO in Michigan

For almost two decades Michigan Credit Unions have been experiencing significant growth in commercial lending, and the current economy is driving even more expansion of small and medium-sized businesses. That means commercial loan needs will continue to increase. Lenders who share the costs and risks of business lending with each other are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growth and fulfill their member and community needs.

How Does a Commercial Loan Partnership with a CUSO Work?

Michigan Business Connection (MBC) was formed by a group of Michigan Credit Unions that wanted to work together to provide their members with the highest quality commercial lending programs. Instead of each Credit Union building and operating their own business lending department, these Credit Unions created MBC to enable access to the talent and technology needed to succeed in business lending.  Over the years more and more Credit Unions and other lenders have joined the MBC network.

You have options with MBC. You can leverage our expertise for any or all aspects of your business lending needs or simply invest in loans generated by other MBC lenders.

What Does a Commercial Lending CUSO Offer?

Loan Underwriting: Achieve Risk Reduction

Business loan underwriting is our passion and we stay focused on serving the markets we know. With a thorough understanding of NCUA rules and industry best practices, we provide objective and independent risk analyses to enhance your decision-making abilities. And when you like a loan but don’t want to hold all of it, we can identify other Credit Unions willing to share in the risk of the loan and facilitate your loan participation.

Loan Servicing: You Have Options

At MBC you don’t have to choose an all or nothing solution. Our robust commercial loan servicing and accounting platform provides an extensive array of billing and record keeping options to reduce your administrative burden. And our portfolio monitoring and management support ensures that your loan portfolio maintains the highest possible compliance and quality. Most importantly, you get a partner for your credit union staff to manage both relationship growth opportunities and adverse credit situations.

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Our People: Positively Responsive

We get it. Time is money and your members are your most important priority.  When you work with us you can be confident that we deliver to your high standards. And it’s not enough for us that our team members are awesome, accomplished financial professionals and great people. Every one of us is committed to being positively responsive to our credit unions, your member borrowers and one another. We hire it, we live it and we celebrate it.

Our CUSO Service Options

We don’t want to overwhelm you but we do want you to know that the options available to you through MBC are extensive. Just look at the list below and see the choices from transactional services such as document preparation all the way to being your full-service partner.

  • Traditional underwriting
  • Portfolio monitoring, with or without servicing
  • Loan servicing
  • Collection management
  • Business development
  • Loan origination
  • Policy development
  • Regulatory support
  • Defaulted loan services
  • Periodic (annual) loan reviews
  • Participation re-underwriting
  • Participation sub-servicing

Consulting and Training Services for Credit Unions

It’s true that MBC is the best full service MBL CUSO for Michigan credit unions but we also help you fill in the gaps if you don’t need it all. Let’s talk about your commercial lending products, processes, training needs and goals and create a plan to help you strengthen your business member offerings and services. We are easy to contact, fun to talk with and will provide you with the most up-to-date information.