Existing Borrowers and Lenders

Existing Borrowers

If you are an existing borrower and have online account access credentials click here:

MBC Role:  Your lender has contracted with MBC for loan servicing and portfolio management.  We keep track of your loan for your lender and help you keep the loan in compliance with its terms.  We are delighted to serve you and your lender in the following ways.

Loan Servicing:  Our Servicing team is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and can be reached at (866) 642-4287, extension 3, or by email at [email protected].

Some things our servicing team does:

  • Provide information on loan or payment status
  • Set up or maintain automatic payment processing information
  • Get you started if you need changes to your loan or a new loan
  • Set up or maintain online loan information access

Portfolio Management:  Our Portfolio Management team is responsible for monitoring loan compliance and reminding borrowers when we need something.

Some things our portfolio managers do:

  • Collect updated financial information when required in the loan agreement
  • Work with you if you need changes to your loan
  • Discuss payment status or concerns
  • Partner with your lender on loan modification and refinance requests

The portfolio manager assigned to your loan will contact you if we need something.  If you need to contact a portfolio manager and don’t have contact information, call our Servicing team, and they can get the process started.

Funds Transfer

If you need to remit funds to MBC for an existing loan, click here to give us authorization to initiate a payment from your deposit account.