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Michigan Business Connection 

In 2004, a group of Credit Unions started Michigan Business Connection, to share the costs and risks of member business lending. Shared costs mean lower costs for lenders and business borrowers. And shared risks means more money is available to be loaned and borrowed.

All together we have helped our lending partners successfully originate and manage more than $1 Billion in business loans.  That’s $1B+ dollars of capital for thousands of Michigan based small businesses and commercial real estate owners. We handle the paperwork, underwriting, and ongoing maintenance so more Michigan lenders can help more Michigan business borrowers.  And, when a loan from a Credit Union isn’t the best fit, we can help connect business and commercial real estate owners with other resources and lenders.

Is an SBA Loan Your Best Option? Download the Guide.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government agency that helps lenders provide financing to small businesses to build our economy. The idea is to make loans available to business owners who might not qualify for traditional loan options by partnering with lenders and insuring the loans (decreasing the risk) in the event the business is not able to repay. This might be the best option for a business and it might not. At MBC we work with business owners every day and can help determine the best loan options for any situation.  To help you get started MBC put together a FREE small business guide along with information on how MBC Credit Unions regularly BEAT the rates offered by bank SBA lenders. 


What you need to know about your typical Bank SBA Loan!

We Help You Offer the Best Business Lending Solutions

Lending money is your core business and builds your place in your community. It also fulfills your mission of people helping people. But, successfully lending money to business requires technology, expertise, and a good understanding of regulatory rules and expectations. We work with lenders of all sizes to enable the offering of the best business loan options. Your lending success is our mutual priority. By partnering with MBC, you can reduce risk and increase access to capital for your business borrowers and the communities you serve.

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Meet Our Satisfied Small Business Owners:

I am so glad I found out my local branch could help me get a business loan. And working with MBC was helpful and friendly.

I used to deal with big banks, but they wouldn’t help me a few years ago. MBC introduced me to a Credit Union and it has been really great.

I didn’t know Credit Unions made SBA loans, but I am sure glad I found out.

Some of the Lenders We Work With: