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Our lenders are a great place to go when you need financing to grow your business or make real estate investments with great rates and terms and exceptional service. We work with almost all types of industries and real estate properties.
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Your Business Loan Options:

Michigan enjoys a tremendous historical heritage in creating businesses and entrepreneurs. From cherries to cars, Michigan businesses are leaders in many industries. Unfortunately, much of the financial industry has become non-local and impersonal. Credit Unions and Community Banks are filling the void and enabling a new generation of business growth.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Do you want to buy, refinance, build, expand or renovate your business real estate? MBC can make it possible for you to get the money for your office building, shopping center, industrial warehouse or apartment complex. Interest rates and closing costs are almost always lower with community lenders and flexibility with repayment options often is a great advantage. Whether you have been down the commercial real estate mortgage road before or this is your first journey, MBC will make it as easy as possible every step of the way.

Line of Credit

Every business owner knows that cash is King.  Successful companies in fact often need more funding than stagnant ones—to buy inventory, add people and carry receivables until paid by their customers.  A line of credit helps you fund only what you need, for only as long as you need it, and pay interest only on what you use.  Most lines of credit are written on a variable rate basis and have very low up front and annual costs.

Small Business Line of Credit
Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

It takes money and often fixed assets like equipment or vehicles to make money.  Too many companies use cash or their operating lines of credit for these purchases, leaving their cash position in short supply.  A term loan helps spread out and align the financing to the expected profits generated by the asset. Our term loans often have variable or fixed rates, usually with no prepayment penalties or restrictions.

Loan Application Packages and Forms

Package and checklists for most loan types are available below.  Check with your credit union to see if they work with MBC or have different application requirements.  If you are not an existing credit union member or you are willing to join a
credit union that works with MBC, please contact us.