MBC’s spotlight charity for January is A Rejoyceful Rescue.

A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue is a no-kill, foster-based cat and dog rescue. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity located
in the Metro-Detroit area. All of the animals that come into in our care have been rescued from one place or another.
We pull from high-kill animal shelters, we take in the sick, unwanted, aggressive, abandoned, abused and neglected
animals. We place them in a foster home with someone who will understand them, rehabilitate them and show them
what it is like to be loved again. We feel that all animals deserve better and we strive to give them a life full of love
and happiness.

Our rescue does not cage animals that come into our care. Each animal that comes into our organization is a part of
someone’s family until they find their forever homes. This helps us to determine their personalities and work with
them to give them the one on one attention that they deserve. We also run a community outreach project, helping
24/7 chained dogs, stray/feral cats and more. We provide medical care (including TNR), food, treats, toys, bones,
proper tie outs, collars, shelter, straw and more!