Summer hours begin May 31st, MBC will close at 4pm during the summer.

MBC’s spotlight Charity for the month of August is Gleaners Community Food Bank. 

Gleaners is committed to distributing nutritious, high-quality food to people in need. In collaboration with partner agencies, the Feeding America network, and Gleaners program partners, Gleaners is driving new solutions to improve the health and well-being of the entire community.

Gleaners is a vital link between available food and those who need it most. Local and national food producers often have surplus products that go to waste for lack of a way to safely and efficiently bring it to bring it to market. Gleaners has developed efficient, reliable methods for handling a tremendous volume of donated food, as well as the fresh produce purchased to ensure those served have access to a variety of healthy, nutritious food.

Gleaners accomplishes this through collaboration, efficient operations, education, and innovative solutions to achieve a hunger-free community in southeast Michigan.