At MBC we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities by helping individuals and families in need. We do this through our commitment to help support charities that make a huge impact in the lives of many throughout our Michigan communities. One of the ways we raise money is with Friday Casual Days. Every month MBC employees can pay $20 for the privilege of wearing blue jeans or other casual attire on Fridays.

Our spotlight charity for February is Genesee County Educational Foundation (Head Start Program).

The Genesee County Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1985 by the Genesee Intermediate School District to provide students throughout Genesee County with opportunities to expand their learning experiences and earn scholarships to further their education.

The foundation’s mission is critical to the success of students in Genesee County and supports GISD initiatives to:

  • Conduct and promote innovative programs
  • Leverage resources that support hands-on and site-based learning experiences, before and after school programs, early childhood initiatives, and scholarship programs for higher education students and teacher candidates.
  • Develop a public relations program to promote these initiatives.
  • Solicit funds from external sources to support the purpose of the Foundation.