At MBC we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities by helping individuals and families in need. We do this through our commitment to help support charities that make a huge impact in the lives of many throughout our Michigan communities. One of the ways we raise money is with Friday Casual Days. Every month MBC employees can pay $20 for the privilege of wearing blue jeans or other casual attire on Fridays.

Our spotlight charity for November is Trail’s Edge Camp.

Trail’s Edge Camp is undoubtedly an amazing week of fun for the campers, but it also provides parents with a much-needed respite from the difficult tasks inherent in caring for their child. In most cases, it is the only break they get in the course of a year.

Trail’s Edge Camp is staffed by volunteers and funded through donations. There is no cost to the campers or their families. Camp is held during the first full week in June at the Fowler Center for Outdoor Learning, a beautiful barrier-free camp on 2—acres in Mayville, Michigan. The facility is beside an inland lake which amess boating, fishing, and swimming an import part of the fun for campers. Campers also enjoy climbing in the Craig Van Lannen Tree House which was built with the combined efforts of Trail’s Edge volunteers and the University of Michigan School of Engineering.

Trail’s Edge Camp is limited to 32 campers. Eligible children are between 5 and 18 years old and must be ventilator-dependent for at least part of the day or night. They must also be able to interact and communicate with other children using speech or sign language.