On May 4th, the Washtenaw Toastmasters gained a Portfolio Manager and Credit Analyst from Michigan Business Connection, Jacqueline Craig and Matt Irwin, as elected officers on their executive committee.

Jacqueline Craig, elected as Vice President of Public Relations, will work with the Washtenaw Toastmasters in boosting the club’s social media presence to increase the number of guests attending each meeting, work toward membership of those guests and promote the club in achievements made by those members.  When asked, Jacqueline says, “this will be a great opportunity to work on the existing skillset I have gained by working with Members at MBC, and my way of giving back to the club and my community by encouraging those who want to become better speakers to attend meetings through a social media presence.”

Matt Irwin, elected asTreasurer, will manage the club’s financials and membership dues.  Additionally, he will be responsible for increasing fundraising opportunities and donations to both Washtenaw Toastmasters and the Toastmasters Organization.  Matt said, “As a future CPA, I look forward to the opportunity to assist in the continued success of Washtenaw Toastmasters.  I am grateful that this opportunity will also give me experience towards one of my future goals of running a global non-profit organization.”

Both Jacqueline and Matt are relatively new to the club, having attended their first meeting October of 2016 and inducted at the beginning of 2017. Both encourage people in the Washtenaw and Ann Arbor area to pay a visit to one of the club’s Thursday meetings that take place at Washtenaw Community College from 7-9pm at the Gunder Myran Building (Library) Room#332.