At MBC we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities by helping individuals and families in need. We do this through our commitment to help support charities that make a huge impact in the lives of many throughout our Michigan communities. One of the ways we raise money is with Friday Casual Days. Every month MBC employees can pay $20 for the privilege of wearing blue jeans or other casual attire on Fridays.

Our spotlight charity for October is Proud Parents of Loss.

Proud Parents of Loss was founded by a young couple whose first child was taken too soon. They started this organization in hopes that they could help bring grieving parents together by providing stigma-free grief support for parents, no matter the cause or the age.

Proud Parents of Loss’ mission is to provide stigma-free support to parents who have lost a child. They believe in the power of fellowship and that people are stronger together, rather than feeling alone or that there is something wrong with them. Stigma-free support needs to be available to grieving parents. Whether their loss is neonatal, perinatal or due to overdose, suicide, violence, illness, or any other cause, they deserve to feel supported — not judged or analyzed. Proud Parents of Loss want to bring grieving parents together so they can help each other through this difficult time. Proud Parents of Loss hope that as a result of their involvement with the community they can raise awareness so that grieving parents do not feel alone in their grief, but feel supported.